About us

aizoOn is a global technology consulting company focused on innovation. The digital economy requires new visions, technologies and organisational models. We have taken the eco-system approach: innovation happens through a co-creation process involving government agencies, individuals, public and private entities​​


Our Vision is about using the scientific method and focus on data driven decisions to enable a more responsible and sustainable society.​


Our Mission is to support our customers in their journey through the digital era, bringing strong know-how in technology and innovation.​​


Our People help improving the technological capacity of our clients in an atmosphere of mutual and constant trust. We pride ourselves to leave a tangible mark of our daily actions: in aizoOn we are committed every day to finding solutions that make a difference to our clients and for the world we live in.​​

Delivery mode

The innovation programs are developed according to different guidelines, depending on the specific stream and of the corresponding Technology Readiness Level (TRL):
* partners in R&D projects at national and international level
* R&D directly delivered to the final customer
* rapid prototyping and validation
* proof of concept

aizoOn owns proprietary SW products developed for specific strategic sectors such as cyber-security, and can also assist the customer in the definition and implementation of products

aizoOn commits directly to submit one or more deliverables that meet the requirements defined by the customer. Our responsiveness is based on the aggregation of appropriate technological and methodological skills, and our efficient governance and implementation abilities

Our experts are engaged in consulting services: our resources blends perfectly with the customer's team who is owner of the activities and their results ​


This area contains information related to the company’s management, the organizational structure, the control model and the code of conduct adopted by aizoOn.
aizoOn is committed to use all its knowledge and passion in each service we provide, knowing that key to our success is our customers’ satisfaction and our consultant’s professional growth.

Board of directors​

The company is governed by a Board of Directors currently consists of two members:
  • Silvana Candeloro

    Chairman and CEO​

  • Franco Cornagliotto


Board of directors

The company is governed by a Board of Directors currently consists of five members:

  • Franco Cornagliotto
  • Silvana Candeloro
  • Nazzareno Lasagno
  • Danilo Ciravegna


  • Federico Cornagliotto

​Management board

aizoOn’s operations are directed by the executives of the Management board and the Board of directors:​
  • Silvana Candeloro
  • Franco Cornagliotto
  • Federico Cornagliotto
    Market Manager
  • Andrea Bascheri
    Market Manager
  • Danilo Ciravegna
    Market Manager
  • Luca Bolognini
    Technology Unit Manager​
  • Luigi Pignatelli
    Market Manager
  • Danilo Massa
    Technology Unit Manager​
  • Osvaldo Bordoni
    Market Manager

Company structure

Board of Directors
Board of Directors acts according to the civil code, the corporate statute and in the interest of the shareholders.​
Quality Management System
Quality Management System establishes the execution, control and improvement of the company quality management.​
IT Security
IT Security ensures the security of the IT infrastructure, data and applications.​

Information Systems
Information Systems, in compliance with IT security policies, ma​nages the corporate information systems and supports the end user with applications and services.​
Prevention and Protection Service
Prevention and Protection Service supervises all the activities according by Italian legislative decree D.Lgs. 81.​
Administration, finance and control
Administration, finance and control is responsible for all corporate activities related to bookkeeping, financial and fiscal management​
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management defines and executes personnel management and developm
ent processes.​
Operations is the organizational structure for all the activities related to the production processes.

aizoOn is structured into market areas, directed  by Market Managers, organized in Business Units and Practices, differentiated by Service lines and Competence Centers.
The Auditing firm
The Auditing firm monitors the company’s adherence to laws and principles as per corporate statute and controls the compliance with the management practices, the organizational model and accounting principles.​
The Supervisory body ensures application and effectiveness of the organization, management and control model and updates the model in order to prevent commissions of crime.​​

Auditing firm


The Auditing firm monitors the company’s adherence to laws and principles as per corporate statute and controls the compliance with the accounting principles and the effectiveness of the aizoOn’s organization, management and accounting model.

Supervisory Body
The Supervisory Body controls the correct compliance with the obligations defined by the Organizational Model in order to prevent commissions of crime according to Italian legislative decree D.Lgs. 231/2001.

The appointed members of the Supervisory Body are as follows:
  • Mario Montalcini – President – external member
  • Danilo Massa – internal member
  • Valentina Corino – external member

The organizational, control and management model was approved by the Board of Directors on July 30th, 2011.​

To contact the Supervisory Body for further information, or to report any violation, please e-mail to odv@aizoon.it ​

231 Model

aizoOn adopts an organization, management and control model, in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Legislative Decree 231/01. This Decree disciplines the administrative liability of juridical persons, companies and associations even if without legal status.

With the enacting of this Decree, the Italian legislator considers the obligations established by international and community conventions, which require liability for juridical persons and a commensurate sanctioning system, capable to deal with corporate criminal liability in a direct and effective way.

With the approval of the organization, management and control model, aizoOn has created a supervisory body which ensures the application of the model and the effectiveness of the measures to prevent commission of crimes, in order to guarantee a correct management of the company.

Code of ethics

aizoOn’s code of ethics states the company’s commitment towards its stakeholders.

The code of ethics clearly establishes values and principles that provide the starting point to pursue its business purpose, emphasizing the right tools in order to respect them. It is an integral part of the managing and organization model as required by Italian legislative decree D.Lgs. 231/2001. The ethical code contains aizoOn’s non-negotiable principles and values.

aizoOn is committed to respect those principles and values, and expects from its employees, its consultants, suppliers and anyone who establishes a relationship with the company to respect them too.

Values such as legality, impartiality, commitment, honesty, quality and accountability are key factors for the company’s success.

The compliance with of those principles and values ensures the effective functioning of aizoOn and protects the company’s reputation and reliability.

Board of directors​

The company is governed by a Board of Directors currently consists of three members: ​
  • Roberto Dolci

    President and Treasurer

  • Silvana Candeloro


  • Franco Cornagliotto


Board of directors

The company is governed by a Board of Directors currently consists of two members:
  • Federico Cornagliotto


​Management board

  • Federico Bettini
  • Federico Cornagliotto


Quality Management

aizoOn adopts a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.
The certification represents our effort towards continuous improvement and the satisfaction of our client’s needs. It refers to any managerial aspect of our company with the purpose to provide repeatable, measureable and consistent results. 

aizoOn is a technology consulting company based on values such as: work ethic, professionalism, transparency, loyalty, trust, legality and social responsibility.
Our clients comprise internal clients (employees) and external clients (costumers and candidates). Our internal and external clients’ satisfaction represents one of the main goals aizoOn wants to pursue through a constant improvement process.
In this context, the Board of Directors refers to quality as a strategic element to its goals achievement. For this purpose, aizoOn started a review of its processes in order to adopt a quality management system based on ISO 9001 model.


aizoOn undertakes constantly new technological partnerships and strategic alliances, in order to promote and use new methodologies available on the market, and to develop new ideas and collaboration opportunities.

Technological partnership

Technological partnerships enable us to be constantly up-to-date about new products, technologies and services, to participate at the best events, to provide custom support to our clients, and to train and certify our employees.

Research and University Partnerships

aizoOn’s focus towards innovation and technological development is possible thank to the collaboration with universities and research institutes in several parts of the world.
aizoOn is developing a network of relations and collaborations with universities dedicated to talents: workshops, meetings and projects are moments designed to help talents develop their full potential. ​